What Is Business Continuity Planning (BCP)?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the process of creating a system for prevention and recovery from cyber threats and other technological disasters that a business may face. Such a plan ensures that in the event of a disaster, procedures are set in place to deal with and recover from damage. iTology offers business continuity IT services to ensure that you have a BCP that allows your Oklahoma business’s operations and finances to move forward after taking an unexpected hit.

Does My Oklahoma Business Need Business Continuity Planning?

In short, yes. Oklahoma businesses who chose not to implement such plans put their long-term success in real jeopardy, as the consequences of a catastrophic event or disaster could cause complete devastation if a recovery plan hasn’t been put into place.

BCPs are an essential part of any good business as any threats or disruptions could lead to a loss of revenue or worse, having dire effects on your overall operations. You cannot rely solely on insurance, as it likely doesn’t fully cover costs and it can’t aid you in getting back on your feet in the same way that a BCP can.

With the introduction of iTology’s cloud-based IT services, the topic of business continuity planning becomes far easier to implement. The need for major capital investments that were required in the past are greatly reduced by cloud solutions.

This huge reduction in cost could easily contribute to the projected 29.2% growth in corporate spending on business continuity projects in 2019. Making the most of business continuity IT services can help to bring your organization into the 21st century while increasing your overall security, saving you time and money, and safeguarding your future.

Business Continuity Services

There are a number of possible IT services iTology can provide to your Oklahoma organization in order to enhance your BCP efforts.
They include but are not limited to:

Preventative Monitoring
  • Security risks will be identified, isolated, and removed before large scale disruptions can take place.
  • Hardware will be maintained to avoid failures that result in costly downtime.
Data Protection And Recovery
  • Effective back-up management linked to restoration points and redundant data storage (both local and remote) can offer super quick data recovery and restoration to maximize uptime.
Disaster Analysis And Preparation
  • Every business has their own unique disaster risks; figuring out these risks is crucial.
  • Consider natural disasters (flood risk, fire hazards, etc).
  • Evaluate digital risks such as viruses and hackers.
  • Identify physical risks such as burglary or criminal damage.
24/7 Specialist Support
  • A team of certified technical staff are ready and waiting to offer you the support you need via instant messaging, email services, and telephone conversation.
Specialist Staff Training

It’s not just your assets that need to be protected; your staff could be in danger too. Rather than focusing all of your effort into technological prevention, specialist staff training could provide serious benefits.

  • Make sure fire exits are sign posted and known throughout your team.
  • Evaluate emergency situations to identify the best solution.
  • Implement lines of communication on several platforms to use when others are unavailable.
  • Source and install back up technologies.

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