Mobile Device Management is key for any Oklahoma business with mobile devices.

In today’s competitive business climate, mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are part of everyday work life, especially for remote employees or employees who travel frequently. Mobile devices, even personal ones, are a convenient way to access company email or any job-related software anywhere.

But with all the benefits that it brings, mobile devices are also susceptible to cyberattacks if left unsecured. Plus, they are also susceptible to physical theft, leading to lost data and unnecessary downtime for your company. The best way to protect your Oklahoma company’s mobile devices is with Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management for Your Oklahoma Business Needs

At iTology, our team is ready to provide your organization with the mobile device management systems you need. We offer robust and broad mobile device management solutions (MDM Solutions) tailored to your specific business needs. Our IT team provides you with the following services:

  • Information and Content Access Security
  • Remote Management
  • Support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Data Back-Up
Information and Content Access Security

Protect your company’s mobile devices from unsecured and unauthorized access and downloads that can compromise security. Ensure that only company authorized applications are downloaded and used on company mobile devices. And in the event of theft, MDM helps you delete all sensitive data from the mobile device.

Remote Mobile Device Management

Manage updates and security of every mobile device under your organization through remote management. Our Oklahoma team makes sure that your mobile devices stay secure wherever they are. Updates can be installed remotely, or we can remotely disable devices in the event of unauthorized access or theft.

Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

If your team members are more comfortable using their own mobile devices, our team supports this option. Your team members can enjoy the convenience and familiarity of using their own devices for work while we take care of security, including helping you develop custom BYOD policies.

Data Back-Up

No more disruptions from work because of data loss when mobile devices fail. Our expert MDM team provides data backup for all your mobile devices, and we comply with your company policy. With an efficient data backup system, experience no more work disruptions because of data loss.

Get a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Are you interested in knowing more about iTology’s MDM services in Oklahoma City? Contact any of our friendly and knowledgeable IT specialists who will be happy to give you a cybersecurity risk assessment of all your IT needs.

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