Co-managed IT services combine our IT knowledge with your in-house aptitude. A true partnership blends forces with each entity contributing knowledge and complementing the other’s expertise and mastery. With iTology’s co-managed services, we help you succeed, and we take our cues from you. It’s a win-win situation when we offer complimentary IT services to work with your own in-house team. You’re in control, and we’re the partner you need.

What Technology Needs Can We Help You With?

The landscape of technology constantly changes along with increased security risks, but you don’t have to do it alone. We fill in the missing pieces by helping your IT team with our knowledge, experience, and support. ITology’s co-managed IT team is part of your team, and we’re there when you need us.

Business Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a cyberattack, a power outage, or pandemic consequences, it’s imperative that your business has fast, reliable BDR. Your company cannot afford to have extended downtime, and we work quickly to make sure that doesn’t happen. No matter what causes a problem or creates an obstacle, we restore functionality fast so you can get on with running your business.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Proactive alerts from your critical equipment are a key factor in making sure your business has what it needs to operate—no matter what. From computers and servers, we monitor your system 24/7. We send an alert immediately if issues arise so you can resolve the problem swiftly.

Specialized IT Consultation

Specialized IT consultations as needed allow you to tap into the IT solutions your business needs. We create an IT environment that works in tandem with your requirements, and that means cost-effective, fast, and holistic optimization that ensures tangible results for your company. When you have IT questions, we have the answers.

Help Desk Access

As your co-managed IT partner, we’re always here when you need help desk access. From an overabundance of help tickets to robust reports and analysis, we get the job done. If your team is short-handed, we’re here to help you manage the overflow.

We Work Hard for You

Part of our promise to you as a co-partner is ensuring transparency, honesty, and hard work. We want to create a long partnership in which you have full control over your IT needs. And at iTology, we work within a partnership framework, which means you are ultimately in charge while we’re the partner that helps you get the job done.

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We offer co-managed IT services to help your company maximize success alongside your current IT in-house team. Contact iTology today to learn more about how our co-managed services can help your business succeed.