Data Security and Management

Be on the safe side when the average company stores over 1,000 sensitive files including passwords, credit card numbers and personal information.

Collaborate on documents efficiently and enhance communication both internally and externally, using a Microsoft Preferred Partner.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

If anything breaks, we replace it at no extra charge.

VoiP service

Modern telephone service at its finest with the internet as the backbone. This is the power of the latest Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoiP) capabilities.

E-Mail Management

Enterprise-grade password policies and two-factor authentication provide a secure approach to communication.

Network Management

We’ll keep it simple for you: iTology inexhaustibly monitors your network to ensure constant security.


Proactive network protection is the best approach to I.T. managed service. We also work with employees to teach them the best ways to protect data and implement the newest industry standard security policies.

Backup and File Management

iTology uses image-based backups in conjunction with file and folder-based backups to ensure infallible data loss protection.