An effective IT infrastructure is critical for any business in Oklahoma. At iTology, our tailored Managed IT Services are designed to support your business strategy needs. Our Managed IT Services from iTology cover all the technology needs of your Oklahoma business.

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Our IT Services Include:


One of the most critical aspects of network management today is cybersecurity.

Malicious online hacks, DDoS attacks and data theft is a very real threat for today’s businesses and organizations.

A proactive network security team can detect and protect against threats before they materialize. At iTology, we provide insight into your network security to keep your company safe.

Data Backup and File Management

A huge concern for businesses today is the loss of important data due to inept backup and recovery procedures.

Frequent data backup by a managed IT service is integral to the security and operations of any business.

Our proactive, consistent approach accounts for system failures, natural disasters or network downtime. Essential data backup and file management ensures that all information can be recovered safely and quickly.

VoIP Telecommunication Service

Reliable internet-based communication has become vital to business operations, and voice over IP technology is being used on a larger scale than ever before.

VoIP runs at a fraction of the cost of a standard telephone network and employs modern encryption techniques for secure communication.

The online nature of VoIP means that it can be tailored to any business’s needs by implementing various solutions either at the local level or on cloud-based systems.

Network Assessments

Network management is a complex, multidisciplinary process that requires attention to system vulnerabilities, user access protocols, and server issues.

A comprehensive network strategy should include regular infrastructure assessments that run system tests.

These can identify areas of concern, focus your budget on needed improvements, and help streamline your network by highlighting key issues before they arise.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Maximizing your organization’s impact relies on up-to-date devices.

A hardware licensing service can ensure that your business is provided with the latest technologies for more efficient performance across the board.

Updated equipment boosts security and productivity by replacing vulnerable hardware that might be subject to malicious hacking attempts and resultant slowdowns.

Monitoring and Support

An effective, secure business network is critical to your daily operations.

Around-the-clock network monitoring ensures your business is protected beyond 9-5, identifying hacking attempts and stopping them before they become an issue.

At iTology, our 24-hour remote support ensures that you have constant access to a team of specialists to handle any issue you encounter.

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