Newcastle, Oklahoma, is a vibrant, tight-knit community with ever expanding business potential. With job rates and economic growth far above the national average, this city is set up for business success. The warm community feeling, the beautiful landscape, and a thriving economic environment has drawn people to this city in the Oklahoma City metro. Newcastle is one of the most sought after by entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you have just made this town the home of your business or you are looking for a way to bring your established local company to the next level, a tailored IT strategy can help you get there. Here at iTology, we believe that each business has a unique, valuable story to tell. Our job is to create a personalized IT strategy that aligns with your vision and enables you to communicate your story to your audience. Get started today.

What to Expect From iTology

At iTology, we are constantly upgrading and expanding our services to provide you with access to the newest, highest-quality IT services near Newcastle. We know that each business is unique, and so no two IT strategies are the same. Below, you can see some of our most popular services that we can offer your brand.

Data Security and Management

Today’s businesses rely every day more on data and digital systems. At iTology, we are committed to protecting you and your business with complete security and management of your data systems.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Equipment is a vital aspect of a successful IT strategy. It can be expensive if you spend on unnecessary devices that don’t provide value to your company. At iTology, we will provide you with the best systems and infrastructures to sustain a scalable IT system.

VoIP Services

If you need your business to be more flexible and competitive, switching to an internet-based VoIP system can help you enhance your communication system.

Email Management

Emails are at the core of any successful communication strategy. We provide enterprise-grade password policies and two-factor authentication for a more secure approach.

Network Management Systems

We strive to keep your network systems safe and efficient. We maintain constant monitoring and revaluation to keep you online and operating well.


Keeping your company safe does not only involve defending against physical break-ins. Today, cybersecurity is at the core of any safe and trustworthy company strategy.

Backup and File Management

Losing your data because of hiccups or accidents can result in costly losses. That is why we strive to keep all of your data safe with reliable backup management services.