Dental professionals need increasingly sophisticated IT support to keep up with regulatory requirements and threats to cybersecurity. Competitive dental practices require knowledgeable IT professionals with expertise in applications, services, and solutions that can keep your dental practice safe and running smoothly while ensuring an IT strategy that will allow it to grow.

What Technology Needs Can We Help You With?

Cybersecurity Tailored for Your Needs

Dental practices need better than average cybersecurity to handle medical records and patient information. The HIPAA Security Rule not only dictates that you’re required to ensure the confidentiality of all Protected Health Information but also that you identify and protect against reasonably anticipated threats to the security of that information. Cybersecurity support from iTology can ensure that all HIPAA-relevant data is protected, stored, and utilized in ways that keep it safe from attack or accidental exposure. iTology’s support gives you the peace of mind to focus on your patients, not the intricacies of handling their medical information.

Managed and Co-Managed IT Services

Let iTology manage all or part of your IT infrastructure as your needs dictate. Fully-managed services offer network testing, security oversight and risk mitigation, connectivity, bandwidth provision, continuity, secure data storage, and much more. Suppose you already have an in-house IT team. In that case, iTology can meet you where you are and provide services like full-time, 24/7 network monitoring, business disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. iTology can team up with your in-house department to ensure you stay open and operating no matter what. And your staff has access to the solutions your practice needs with a help desk and specialized IT consulting.

Cloud Service Migration and Management

Whether you rely on traditional telephony services, Voice over IP, or use a hybrid system with both technologies, iTology can support your communication network. Our team of skilled communications professionals can provide you with solutions tailored to the specific needs of your practice and seamlessly integrate new technology into your existing network to meet your growing needs.

Business Continuity Planning

Storing your data in the cloud presents benefits like more efficient file sharing, storage scalability, and enhanced cybersecurity. Whether you are already storing data and processing offsite or need help in developing a migration strategy, iTology can provide you with the expertise your organization needs to take advantage of centralized and cost-effective cloud services.


In the dental industry, HIPAA compliance is not foreign. As a top priority for dental practices, this ensures handling sensitive patient information on a daily basis is a breeze. At iTology, we have extensive experience working with dental practices and understand the unique challenges they face in meeting HIPAA regulations. Our team can help implement security controls, conduct risk assessments, and provide training to ensure that your practice remains compliant.

IT Support for Your Practice

Whether you’re a new practice or well-established, iTology’s IT services for dental practices can help your organization operate more securely and effectively while freeing you up from the cost of having IT personnel on staff. We can provide you with the top-notch IT support and services you need so you can provide top-notch care to your patients. Contact iTology for a cybersecurity risk assessment and to learn more about how we can help your practice grow.. We look forward to hearing from you!