In offering top-tier IT services for laboratory services, the details make a difference, especially when it comes to technology and support. Our managed IT services and various industry-specific solutions can bolster and streamline your laboratory’s scientific operations.

Laboratory processes are sensitive and require good custody chains for information and adequate modern network security and agility. iTology helps laboratory companies to manage their IT infrastructures according to industry regulation and compliance standards.

Managed IT Services for Laboratory Services

Managed IT services take a lot of the burden off of in-house IT staff and personnel. iTology can supplement your in-house team or work on their own to ensure your network and data function properly and proactively. That means taking a comprehensive look at what happens in the lab, planning accordingly, and strategically handling both everyday issues and long-term plans.
Cloud Systems

One important aspect of managed services is creating the right cloud environment for a particular business. Cloud solutions are cost-effective and efficient, and expert management maximizes the benefits. iTology considers any applicable standards for laboratory services and what makes the best sense in terms of public, private, or hybrid cloud systems in the long run.


Cybersecurity is a big part of compliance, and it’s also essential for keeping company data safe. Laboratory services, in particular, have to communicate sensitive medical information about specimens or other aspects of operations. Laboratories need to be sure that these communications are secure!

iTology protects your lab with encryption, firewalls, monitoring, and other necessary tools to secure your network against attack or unauthorized access. With cyber threat methods constantly evolving, our experts know the latest trends and best practices to protect your sensitive data. 

Business Continuity Planning

Backup and data recovery methods are crucial for laboratory systems. Extreme weather and cyberattacks threaten business continuity every day. If disaster strikes your network or business location, laboratories have to know that data activities will continue undisturbed and that valuable data will be kept safe. Business continuity planning ensures your lab can continue operations while facing disaster.

VoIP and Phone Support

Supporting phone systems is an imperative aspect of managed services. New modern systems are different from the old PSTN setups and require more from IT management. 

iTology Can Help!

iTology’s IT services for laboratory services ensure that your lab is thriving now and in the future. Turn to iTology for the best lab support.