IT Services for Medical Organizations in Oklahoma

IT services are crucial in the day-to-day operations of medical organizations in Oklahoma. Whether running an outpatient clinic, a medical laboratory, or a hospital, IT applications help streamline and protect the work process. With IT services for medical organizations, your medical team can focus on what matters most—quality patient care. iTology provides your medical team in Oklahoma with reliable IT services to deliver the best patient outcomes. Here’s how iTology can add value to your healthcare delivery system:

IT Services Engineered for Your Oklahoma-based Company

Managed IT Services for Medical Operations

iTology can provide tailored solutions for your IT needs. Through managed IT services, your medical organization in Oklahoma can have the full benefit of an IT team that can troubleshoot problems 24/7. iTology’s team can help manage networks and run periodic assessments on your systems to ensure they run at their best capacity. iTology also provides your medical organization with data backup and file management to minimize file access downtime.

Cloud Services

Cloud services enable your medical practice to access information even when you are away from your desk. iTology can provide you with secure cloud storage options so that you can be guaranteed access to patient files on a secure network. iTology will aid your organization with the services it needs to help you migrate to the cloud smoothly and securely. As your organization grows, iTology will help expand your cloud storage options to have the services you need. Your team can easily share and access important data and make this information available to your patients with cloud services.


One of the biggest challenges of going digital is the threat of cybersecurity, especially in the medical field. iTology can provide your medical organization with the measures to help safeguard both your company’s and your patients’ information. iTology provides round-the-clock network monitoring to identify potential security threats and prevent data theft before it happens. Establishing safe email protocols is also one of the services that the team at iTology can provide. Security can be accomplished through remote systems monitoring and access to 24/7 cybersecurity support.

Business Continuity Planning

A medical organization should be prepared in case of any disaster, especially in Oklahoma. iTology can secure your business with a personalized business continuity plan to help you overcome natural disasters and cyberattacks. As part of its IT services for medical organizations, iTology provides data protection and recovery in addition to 24/7 remote support. iTology can also help your organization strategize for potential disasters through disaster analysis, preparation, and specialist staff training.

Co-Managed IT Services for Medical Processes

iTology can work with your in-house IT team to develop the best IT solutions for your company. Through co-managed IT services, your team is at the helm, with iTology as a support group to augment the services that you already have. iTology’s team of IT professionals can help boost IT services through specialized consultations and a 24/7 help desk available to address any issues that may arise from daily operations.


Healthcare has never been more reliant on technology, and with that comes the responsibility of meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. At iTology, we specialize in providing IT services to medical organizations and are well-versed in all aspects of HIPAA compliance. We can assist with implementing security measures, conducting regular risk assessments, and training your staff on best practices for protecting sensitive patient information. With our help, you can focus on providing quality healthcare while we handle the technical aspects of HIPAA compliance.

Build a Better IT Solution With iTology

It’s time to engineer new IT services and solutions for your company. Outpace the competition in the healthcare industry with a cybersecurity risk assessment from iTology.