At iTology, we offer managed IT services for municipalities based in Oklahoma. Our state-of-the-art services oversee your entire IT operations, optimizing your system to its full efficiency with our team of dedicated technicians. We want our municipal clients and governmental entities to feel protected in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Why Choose Our IT Services for Municipalities?

We understand how crucial it is for municipalities to protect and safeguard their digital operations from potential harm, which can include connectivity errors, hardware failures, vital data loss, and severe malware attacks. Our IT professionals are ready and at your disposal with 24/7 support. We will reinforce your administrative capabilities and avoid disruption to productivity, working closely with your employees to streamline your IT processes.

Municipal bodies must stay updated with the latest technologies and system upgrades to cultivate a smooth working environment free of costly risks. Outsourcing to iTology will mitigate the need for expensive independent contractors unfamiliar with your systems. We synchronize and monitor all of your IT elements so that when a problem arises, we are well equipped to implement one of our many credible solutions. Some of these services include:

What Technology Needs Can We Help You With?


Municipal operations are a potential target for malware and hacking. Our cybersecurity services eliminate the risk of attacks on your system with state-of-the-art protective programs, comprehensive network oversight, optimized system configuration, and routine maintenance.

When hackers seek out vulnerable networks with the potential of accessing sensitive information, we safeguard and monitor your systems with 24/7 remote support dedicated to fortifying your cybersecurity.

Managed IT Solutions

Our managed IT solutions include data assessment and allocation, which allows us to manage your networks, run periodic system analysis, and personally streamline your data for easy and transparent accessibility.

Whether it’s connectivity issues or critical data loss, our qualified team of troubleshooters is available around the clock, ready to solve any technical problems that may arise.

Our managed IT solutions also backup your data and help minimize file access downtime, so your system stays running at full capacity.

Cloud Services

As communities grow, municipal bodies need to evolve and expand to accommodate the increasing needs of their residents. Our cloud services mitigate the need for on-site storage, efficiently transitioning your system data onto our safe and secure servers.

Plan accordingly and minimize permanent data loss with our customizable backup schedules and cloud recovery.

Business Continuity Planning

“Business as usual” can sometimes mean we forget the potential for unforeseen disasters. Should an earthquake or other natural phenomenon occur, municipalities can be thrown into disarray. Our business continuity planning services are designed for the most unlikely events, offering immediate round-the-clock remote support if a disaster were ever to strike.

We provide data protection and recovery, and our continuous efforts minimize potential danger through disaster analysis, preparations, and specialist staff training.

Co-Managed IT Services for Municipalities

Suppose your municipal operations are already home to an in-house IT team. In that case, we also offer co-managed IT services, which see our role as dedicated professionals working alongside your existing technicians to learn and enhance your systems. Following the direction of your IT team, we augment your current services and provide external insight via our specialized consultations and 24/7 desk help.