The modern construction industry needs IT solutions that promote cost-effective strategies, efficient operations, and safe operations. Build a better IT game plan with iTology. Explore the ways you can streamline your business and protect your data with our Oklahoma City IT support.

IT Services Engineered for Your Company

From customer data protection, to cloud-based job estimate software, there are many IT features in the construction industry. Focus on designing and building stunning buildings throughout Oklahoma City, and trust your IT services with your local team at iTology.

Managed IT Services

Just like a general contractor handles the big-picture planning and logistics of a job site, our managed IT services offer diverse solutions to your network, technology, and security. Mix and match areas of technological support as you grow your construction company.

Cloud Solutions

Manage workloads, timesheets, inventory, and invoices through cloud-based construction software. These innovative tools can help you streamline your office work and scale up your business, but you need a talented team to ensure your data is safe and accessible. iTology offers you local support as you navigate data migration and more.


Cyberattacks can steal private data, compromise invoice security, and prevent you from using your mobile devices on the job. These issues not only affect daily operations on the job site but can expose customer information to hackers and identity thieves. Access state-of-the-art cybersecurity and proactive monitoring services to reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

Construction Industry Business Continuity Planning

You may have performed a risk assessment for your job site before your team handled any tools, but do you have a game plan for your IT security? Business continuity planning is a thorough system that prepares your construction company for the event of a cyberattack or other IT disaster.

VoIP and Phone Services

Texting, invoices, and work orders can only explain so much about a job site. When you need more clear communication with your team, suppliers, or customers, update your phone service with voice over internet protocol, or VoIP calling. This cost-effective calling option uses an internet connection rather than a phone line, so it can be an affordable alternative for your office line.

Co-Managed IT

And if you prefer to keep some IT under your care, co-managed IT services create a more personal partnership between our team, and your company. Discuss personalized solutions to take your technology where you need it to go to scale up your construction company.

OKC Support From Our Local Team

We help power your cloud-based solutions and other remote strategies, but we’re practically neighbors. iTology is based out of the Oklahoma City metro area, and is committed to localized support for global IT services.

Build a Better IT Solution With iTology

It’s time to engineer a new IT solution for your company. Outpace the competition in the construction industry with a cybersecurity risk assessment from iTology.