Technology is critical to improving traditional education; new challenges take shape as technology provides innovative opportunities, at the same time causing more headaches. It could be that your current technology needs to be updated with more appropriate, cost-effective options. In your educational system, you probably already have an IT department, but have you considered what managed, or co-managed IT solutions can do for your departments?

What Are Managed and Co-Managed IT Services?

Managed IT

A managed IT service simply means the bulk of your IT solutions are monitored remotely by a professional service off-site. Your systems are monitored 24/7 for system failures and cyber threats. It also provides consistent and reliable software and security updates, which keeps your system and data secure. All your vital data is kept in a secure cloud location with a hosted server specifically customized for your school or university. This is such a huge benefit in the education industry, where enough local storage is often an issue.

Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT services is a custom plan for your school or university. You decide which services you would like to keep in-house and which you would like a professional IT management company to provide; this way, you can create a partnership between your IT management company and your own internal IT team

What Technology Needs Can We Help You With?

Cloud Services

Scalable cloud services make everything easier, especially in terms of remote communication and collaboration. Sharing lesson plans and other files with a co-educator or students can be done in seconds. Data loss is reduced, security increased, and backups are scheduled regularly without time-outs, or errors.

Cybersecurity is Maximized

To ensure your system security strength, with managed cybersecurity solutions for the education industry, we monitor and contain all threats to your systems with the least disruption of your activities as possible. End-to-end virus and malware and email threat protection are part-and-parcel and essential to a healthy IT system.

Business Continuity Planning

A disaster plan is critical to getting back on your feet fast should the unthinkable happen. Insurance will pay for buildings and a few other things, but what about your data? Is your data truly secure from cyber threats that can devastate your educational system? Backups are necessary if you need to recover from unavoidable threats like fires, floods, criminal damage, or digital risks such as viruses or hackers.

VoIP and Phone Services for Educators

VoIP means “voice over internet protocol.” VoIP is a take-anywhere communications solution only confined by where your phone, laptop, or tablet can take you. Go anywhere, and your virtual phone number never changes. Since VoIP services are free, it’s a cost-effective solution to communications. These are just some of the benefits a managed IT provider can offer. You decide whether a managed or co-managed service level is appropriate and what services will complement your needs.