The energy industry is fast paced, constantly evolving, and data reliant. It is also heavily regulated by government legislation and laws. A loss of data or service can lead to substantial fines and other punitive action, as well as the loss of important contracts. It can also mean a loss of reputation, which is difficult to recover from, and can cause even seemingly robust businesses to suffer financial troubles. As such, it is critical that the modern energy business utilize industry-specific services to provide a leading edge while protecting against the potential pitfalls of data loss, downtime, and poor cybersecurity. ITology is a leader in IT for the energy industry and provides the latest techniques and knowledge of emerging trends in technology. Here’s how our experts at ITology can help your energy business’s IT thrive:

We Keep You Up-to-Date on the Latest Technologies

Use of the latest technologies offers various benefits to the energy industry. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) introduces equipment that is Internet-connected and constantly relaying mission-critical data in real time. It can be connected with field data, relayed from other sources, and combined with analysis from engineers and technicians in the field. Think of smart meters and smart thermostats but on a much grander scale, and gathering data from potentially millions of sources. In outdated systems, this information is gathered after an IT issue occurs, causing a delay in action. Any errors with equipment or problems passing data can’t be recognized immediately, forcing energy companies to be reactive about solving issues rather than proactive to prevent future issues. With advanced interconnected technologies, however, problems can be identified instantly, and fail safes can be used to report, remedy, or bypass the problem. What’s more, you are always in the loop. Data can be stored, safely, and systems can be established to product reports and highlight anomalies. Customers do not even need to know there is a problem while engineers and technicians can be left to complete their mission-critical work. It’s also becoming more possible to incorporate AI technologies into the process, which adapt to drive instant decision-making for the business. Agile businesses need agile leaders, but they also need to be backed by agile IT infrastructure. ITology can implement advanced systems and train your existing IT team members in some of the latest technologies. We continually monitor these systems to ensure they are running at optimal efficiency, and we dedicate ourselves to constantly learning about new technology and upgrades that could benefit your business.

We Manage Cybersecurity Threats

Security is a top priority in the energy industry. Energy companies deal with billions of records belonging to millions of customers, and greater interoperability between organizations means that data loss or data theft cannot be tolerated. In 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) updated its security requirements as they pertain to energy companies. From this date, all attempted cyberattacks must be logged, which means that there is greater responsibility on energy companies to identify attacks, find potential threats, and shut them down.

FERC expects businesses to take a proactive approach to its cybersecurity requirements. Substantial fines and legal action await those businesses that fail to meet these increasingly rigorous standards, so it is vital for the modern organization to have skilled and adaptive cybersecurity experts. At ITology, we provide a robust cybersecurity plan and implement security measures to ensure data breaches are prevented. We take a proactive approach to patch vulnerabilities before they can cause damage rather than put out IT fires daily. We also ensure your data is properly backed up so that you won’t have to worry in the event of an unforeseen IT disaster.

We Drive Efficiency Through Modern IT Infrastructure

Efficiency is key to a profitable business, and this efficiency can be driven, at least in part, by IT infrastructure. Processes can be automated, data rigorously analyzed, and problems highlighted instantly. Problems with infrastructure need to be resolved quickly, which means having skilled technicians on-site. Having just one in-house IT specialist means waiting for them to respond and fix the problem with minimal resources. By having your own team of experts with training in the latest techniques and technologies, you can ensure problems get resolved immediately and your IT infrastructure is functioning at maximum efficiency.

At ITology, we make sure to take a preventative approach to solve issues before they impede business operations. If a problem does occur, we will already have a plan in place and be ready to act to minimize damages. This reduces costly downtime and helps solve errors early that would otherwise lead to potentially detrimental failures.

ITology’s Top IT Services For Energy Companies

Having skilled outsourced IT experts as your partners helps ensure a smooth running, efficient, and effective business. At ITology, we are dedicated to providing the best modern solutions for your business and identifying opportunities for improvement and optimization to make your business more efficient. We provide a wide range of IT and cybersecurity services to improve your business and keep it secure. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business succeed.