The financial industry has some of the most unique, and high-security needs of any business sector. Information is sensitive when it comes to customers’ investments, real estate, finances, and time. iTology can provide your Oklahoma business dependability you need for communications and transactions that you, your customers, and your stakeholders can be confident in.

What Technology Needs Can We Help Your Financial Industry With?

Managed IT Services

iTology’s managed IT services will work with the level of technology you have in place along with your growth plans. We will partner with you to help decide how best to protect customer data, streamline services, and keep systems efficient for your employees. We will make sure to keep your IT services up to date and running smoothly. Neither you nor your customers will have to worry about IT issues slowing down important financial decisions.

Cloud Services

Keep important forms, customer data, accounts, and property information secure in our cloud-based software. Let iTology support you in establishing a database that all staff can access anywhere to provide customers with the most convenient, and safest experience possible. Reduce the risk of hardware issues, or wasted time-sharing documents by having them accessible from multiple devices and multiple staff. Services can be situated so that only employees who have privileges to a particular account, or data will have access.


Protection of personal financial and real estate information is crucial. Cyberattacks and security breaches can compromise company safety and customer trust. Let iTology provide you with the peace of mind that continuous monitoring and enhanced security measures can provide. Data sharing can be further protected through encryption so that you can confidently assure customers that their information is safe with you.

Financial Industry Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning provides an IT crisis plan for your Oklahoma bank, investment company, insurance company, or real estate firm in the event of a major cyberattack, or IT disaster. Give customers the comfort of knowing you have a plan in place to protect their information and assets at all costs.

VoIP and Phone Services

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) uses an internet connection rather than a phone line for phone calls. As long as the internet is available, calls can be made via computer, tablet, or cell phone. This allows a personalized line to follow a staff member wherever they have internet access and can be a cost-effective option compared to traditional office lines.

Co-Managed IT

Through a partnership, we can create options that not only serve you but make the best use of your IT staff. Contact us today to combine iTology’s services with yours and create the most secure service and data protection for your customers and stakeholders.


If your business is in the finance sector, compliance with FTC regulations is crucial for protecting your client’s sensitive financial information. At iTology, we understand the complexities of these regulations and can help ensure that your business meets all necessary requirements. Our team is well-equipped to conduct regular audits and risk assessments to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your IT systems and provide recommendations for swift improvement.