With the oil and gas industry facing unprecedented volatility and transformation, companies must leverage efficient IT services to stay in business. As the oil and gas sector refocuses on infrastructure, sustainability, expertise shortages, and technological advancements, ensure your IT network can support new industry trends.

 iTology’s IT services for the oil and gas industry can help you stay agile and achieve success.

IT Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Managed IT Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Ensuring that your oil and gas industry business has a robust IT infrastructure is key to staying relevant and capable in an ever-changing and evolving industry. Our managed IT services provide you with a team of experts to maximize your efficiency and minimize any operational downtime across fields. Our managed IT services include cybersecurity, data backup and file management, VoIP telecommunication service, network assessments, hardware as a service (HaaS), and monitoring and support. 

Cloud Services

Cloud services for the oil and gas industry are a cost-effective, scalable solution for storing your company’s most valuable asset: your data. The correct cloud computing set-up with reliable security measures that allow your team to access needed information seamlessly is a key element to integrating agility into your oil and gas business.


Keeping your networks, data, and infrastructures secure is one of our top priorities. Cyberattacks are an overwhelming threat to today’s businesses. You want to ensure that your oil and gas industry data and capabilities are protected with the best security available. Our cybersecurity services include 24/7 network monitoring, malware and virus protection, email management safety, remote support, secure data backup, and remote updates and installations.  

Business Continuity Planning

With the oil and gas industry undergoing massive changes and transformations, you need a fail-safe solution that keeps you in the game should you encounter any cyber threats or technological disasters. Our business continuity planning allows you to recover as quickly as possible so you can get back to work and focus on the future. 

VoIP and Phone Services

Empower your team to stay connected across all devices and field locations through powerful communication capabilities. This is a beneficial solution for oil and gas businesses, as it allows remote teams to communicate from wherever they are. 

Co-Managed IT Services for the Oil and Gas Industry 

If you already have an in-house IT team but would like more robust capabilities, our co-managed services provide your team with a powerful partnership. Your team takes the lead while we use our expertise to help with everything from everyday IT issues to long-term strategy. Co-managed IT services are flexible solutions that can be scaled to your needs, including business disaster recovery, 24/7 network monitoring, specialized IT consulting, and help desk access.