Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that allows organizations to run their entire customer lifecycle using a single platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives organizations complete visibility into their customers’ journey. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application suite that allows enterprises to increase productivity, enhance customer experience, and grow revenue with ease. You can seamlessly integrate critical business tasks such as sales, service, marketing, and field service across multiple channels. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement platform, it can be implemented and managed within a customer’s own IT environment.

Is Dynamic 365 Right for Your Business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. It can be particularly beneficial to organizations in the following areas:

Customer Engagement and Operations

Sales and Marketing Intelligence

Business Insights and Strategy

Let us help you determine whether Dynamics 365 is right for your business by scheduling a free demo with one of our experts. Dynamics 365 is specifically designed for businesses that would like to maintain their own IT infrastructure and are looking for an application suite with tools to help manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Get The Most Out of Dynamics 365

Businesses that use Dynamics 365 are better able to manage their customers—the lifeblood of their organization. It’s cloud-based, works on all devices, and it can be set up in just minutes. With one system, businesses can now access information so they know more about what’s happening, who their most valuable customers are, and how they can save time by working smarter with real-time insights and intelligence.

More than 100,000 companies around the world rely on Dynamics 365 to help them deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve their business goals. Dynamics 365 offers a modern and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to access information, make changes, and navigate around the system. The unified interface – which works on PCs, tablets, and phones – helps to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce information overload, so companies can get more done in less time.

Licensing Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 offers many different capabilities to help your organization deliver exceptional customer experiences. The modules are designed to work together seamlessly, so all the information you need is available at your fingertips, no matter which module you’re using.

Available In Two Editions

Enterprise Edition

  • Suitable for businesses that operate in one country with more than 250 employees
  • Advanced capabilities such as:
  • Managing financials, procurement, and project management
  • Supporting multiple currencies and languages
  • Integrating with on-premise data sources via the Business Process Management (BPM) protocol
  • Managing manufacturing, inventory, and assets.

Business Edition

  • Suitable for businesses with less than 250 employees that operate in one country or region
  • All of the functionality included in Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition at a lower cost

Finding a Microsoft Partner to Obtain Licensing

If you’re interested in learning more about Dynamics 365, fill out our cybersecurity risk assessment form. One of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists will be happy to discuss your business and help you determine whether Dynamics 365 is right for your organization.