Quality network management is essential for all businesses. At iTology, our experts administer and manage computer networks to help your business have the security and performance you need. We are the premier IT network manager in the Oklahoma City metro area and are proud to provide essential network management services.

Detailed Risk and Performance Assessment

We can offer you a detailed risk and performance assessment to help you to see key focus areas for improvement. Whether your systems are lagging and slowing down work quality, or your security has holes, our technicians will provide an expert analysis. Get the peace of mind you need with an assessment of your network security. With our evaluation, we can identify which areas are vulnerable and which are functioning well. A thorough evaluation is the first step to developing the right network plan for your business. Our strategies start with understanding each clients’ systems to ensure we apply the best custom solutions.

Advanced Firewall Protection

A firewall provides essential network and device protection against vicious cyberattacks. It does this by shielding you from any kind of malicious or unnecessary network traffic. We can offer you advanced firewall protection designed to keep you secure. Our firewalls ensure that malicious pieces of software and any threat to your network are kept out with a multi-layered complex security system. We know how to utilize each type of firewall and create the best fit for your business needs. Our constant monitoring allows us to ensure that the firewalls are always in place and actively working against intruders.

Proactive Network Management

When it comes to network management, proactive security is the best security. By working to prevent attacks through preemptive strategies, we can help you avoid downtime and data loss from unexpected issues. Taking preemptive measures to help you avoid costly and difficult issues is what we do best. Rather than letting threats and issues onto the network, and then taking actions to remove them, we work to ensure that they don’t get that far.

Constant Security Monitoring

Knowing that your business is secure is essential to being able to plan with confidence. You need to be assured that your security will hold up even when you are not there. We provide 24/7 monitoring that will make sure your data is secure whether you’re in the office or not. Our advanced security monitoring software will identify potential threats and keep you protected any time of day. We believe in taking measures to make sure you have the peace of mind to continue your operations without worrying about delays.

Optimized Network Performance

Your best work happens when you have the right tools. At iTology, we empower you to maximize your business potential through reliable network performance. We minimize latency and improve bandwidth management to ensure you have the consistent speed and quality you need to manage your workload. We want your business network to run as smoothly as possible so you can focus on your business and not on your lag time.

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