May 17, 2024

IT Support Specialist vs IT Technician: The Crucial Differences

An IT support specialist is like having a personal assistant but for all your technological needs. Do you need something? They got it covered. They’re watching your tech like a hawk, day in and day out. If there’s a problem, they’ll be on it before you even realize it. But when do you need an […]

April 19, 2024

A Breakdown of the Dynamic Duo: Cloud IT Services

Cloud IT services are no longer a mere buzzword but the backbone of modern business operations. They offer limitless scalability, flexibility, and innovation. Let’s discover how cloud IT services intertwine with traditional IT services to form the ideal partnership and provide your business with security, efficiency, and streamlined operations. What Are Cloud Services? Cloud services […]

April 19, 2024

A Practical Approach to Business Continuity Planning

Digital landscapes can be about as unpredictable as the weather, so having a solid business continuity plan isn’t just smart—it’s essential.  Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, you must have a plan in place to keep your operations running smoothly during and after an unexpected event. What is Business Continuity Planning? […]

February 24, 2022

Dynamics 365: CRM or ERP?

When we talk about Microsoft Dynamics 365, the first question that comes to mind is “Is it a CRM or ERP?” The answer would be, both.  Dynamics 365 has components of CRM and ERP all built into one solution for better business management. Right now there are two different modules of Dynamics 365 available which […]

June 22, 2021

Oklahoma Businesses Are Suffering from Ransomware Attacks

With the latest mass cyberattack in Oklahoma, city officials are now shutting down city and business computer systems in an attempt to stop the spread. Not much is being said about how the malignant attack latched onto the networks, other than it was similar to this year’s Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.  City officials typically are […]

September 27, 2019

Utility Scammers: Don’t Get Zapped

We all have utilities like water, electricity, and sewage, and we all pay these bills without putting much thought into it. But it’s time to pay attention. Scammers are tricking property owners and tenants into paying phony fees, and it’s happening more often than you think. It starts with an urgent email, phone call, or […]

September 27, 2019

Flu Season: What is a Computer Virus, Really?

We all have a general understanding of computer viruses. However, you need to be aware of a few lesser-known details about viruses. A computer virus is a type of malicious code written to alter the way a computer operates. It is designed to spread from one computer to another – just like a real virus! […]

September 27, 2019

Why Guest Wifi is a Bad Idea

WiFi is everywhere you go, it seems. No matter if you’re grabbing a cup of coffee or checking into a hotel for the night, it’s hard to go anywhere where we can’t find easy access to the internet by looking for a WiFi network without a lock on the icon! But despite the fact they’re […]