iTology’s CEO, Cory Carson, was recently featured on KOCO News Channel 5 in a news segment in which he warned about the cybersecurity risks to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

From KOCO News 5:

“A lot of our business might be medical institutions that don’t require people to come in. Research labs, engineering, Carson said.That also means hackers are making adjustments as well, fully preparing for their work, too.

“Right now, what we are seeing is an uptick in compromises,” Carson said.

In short, hackers are after people’s information knowing so many are moving their offices home.

“These hackers are building their marketing list of people that they want to attack, and so they’re using these opportunities to gather all your contacts and contact them and gather their contacts,” Carson said.

Carson calls that a large-scale ransomware attack, which adds more stress amid concerns over the coronavirus.

“In a time like right now, the worst thing that can happen is to have another unrelated business occur and shut your business down,” he said.

Carson told KOCO 5 the key is to have good back-ups, not opening links unless you are sure of what it is and who sent it, and partnering with an IT provider, if possible.