IT managed service provider company

It is impossible for any modern business to function without some form of IT setup in place. From sole traders to massive corporations, having a strong IT infrastructure is integral to the success of any business. 

However, many competitive businesses—especially in big business areas such as Oklahoma City—are realizing that managing their IT in-house just isn’t sufficient anymore. They can’t keep up with the advancing cyber threats that emerge daily or the maintenance required to ensure systems are functioning at optimal speed and efficiency.

That’s why many growing businesses are choosing to outsource their IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to stay ahead of the curve. MSPs can provide a variety of technical support services, and, as the name implies, even total management of your IT infrastructure.

By outsourcing your IT to a reliable IT company in Oklahoma City, many companies have found that they can save significant amounts of time and money. Additionally, the range of services provided by MSPs is generally much wider than a smaller, in-house team would have available.

But how can you make sure you hire the right MSP? What should you look for in a provider to ensure you get the services you need? Here are some of the main things you should expect from your IT provider and what you should do if your current provider isn’t cutting it:

1. They Should Develop a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan

Both small and large business are at risk of data breaches as cyber threats grow more and more sophisticated. In fact, some experts have predicted that cybercrime will cost the global economy an estimated 2 trillion dollars by the end of 2019. With these increases, the stakes are higher than ever when it comes to protecting your private data.

Vicious malware such as ransomware has become particularly damaging to businesses worldwide. As the name suggests, the hacker using this malware will prevent your access to company data and demand a ransom from you for access is returned. These attacks have cost businesses millions of dollars not only in ransom demands but also in legal non-compliance fees that often accompany a data breach of citizens’ private information.

Additionally, should your company suffer a data breach, not only will it cost you money in cleaning and repairing the computer systems, but customers will look elsewhere for services and there could be a potential lawsuit. UK company British Airways, for example, is now facing legal action from half a million of its customers over a data breach which occurred last year.

With this in mind, your IT provider should develop and implement a robust cybersecurity plan plan that is appropriate to your business’s needs. Not only should they ensure the plan is consistent with current data protection regulations, but they should also regularly scan and monitor your systems to ensure nothing has slipped through the cracks or been left unpatched.

2. They Should Proactively Find Solutions

Inefficient processes are one of the biggest causes of wasted time in the workplace. An efficient IT company will assess what your business technology requires to become more streamlined and suggest solutions to make the systems you already have in place more efficient with technology upgrades.

You should expect to see decreased periods of downtime and increased productivity rates from your IT provider. They should be actively seeking ways to up your technology’s proficiency while also continually looking out for vulnerabilities that could cause downtime and patching them. 

3. They Should Provide a Custom IT Strategy for Your Business

Your provider should also offer consultations in which they can tailor their IT services and strategies to your specific business goals and plans. 

If you’re looking to increase speed and efficiency to improve customer satisfaction, your IT company should focus on providing solutions that optimize your systems for quicker customer communication and care. If you are hoping to expand your company and implement additional systems, software, or cloud operations, your IT provider should present options that can allow your IT infrastructure to scale along with your business.

Whatever it is you are hoping to accomplish as a growing business, an IT company should discuss your business’ long-term plans in order to provide you with the service that is right for you.

4. They Should Have Fast Response Times

There is nothing worse than having a team of employees waiting for IT support. Not only is this a huge waste of company time and money, it both demotivates employees and puts further pressure on them for time-sensitive work. With a team of people dedicated to resolving your issues as soon as they arise, and with more availability than a smaller team of dedicated individual, an outsourced company will give you the confidence that your IT needs are being catered for, whatever else happens.

How iTology Can Help

Comprehensive IT strategies should include updates regarding software and when your systems need to be upgraded, the ways in which your business will be defended against cyberattacks, general maintenance, and more. Our reliable and skilled experts at iTology offer each of these services, as well as other, unique solutions for your technological needs. 

You deserve to work with an IT Managed Service Provider who can give you all this and more. So, if your IT company isn’t cutting it or you need help from an experienced MSP in Oklahoma City, contact us today.