No one could have predicted the way 2020 would change our lives forever, especially the way we do business. Only 6% of people worked primarily from home in 2019; in May 2020, it was 35%. Even though things have normalized since that time, the pandemic created a nationwide shift in workplace culture and a “hybrid” of remote and in-person work.

  About 83% of workers want the flexibility of some sort of remote work, even if it’s only 1 day a week. Because of that, employers are striving to create a hybrid work environment that can accommodate their ever-changing needs while still ensuring productivity and good security.

  And while many studies have shown that workers can be even more productive during hybrid and remote work, it does create security gaps. When you have people all over the country, using their Wi-Fi, leaving their devices unmonitored, and mixing their personal and professional devices, security gets a bit more complicated.

  Thankfully, there are simple ways to get the best of both worlds: happy hybrid employees and tight cybersecurity. Take a look at these hybrid workforce solutions that can help you create an optimized and secure workplace.

5 Hybrid Workforce Solutions to Help Your Business

1. Security Awareness Training

Your employees can be your biggest liability or your biggest asset when it comes to cybersecurity. Human error plays a part in 95% of data breaches because software can only do so much. It’s the human element that will be more successful in warding off threats.

  Security awareness training can help your employees become better educated on best practices, like password security and phishing tactics, to keep their work secure. They can be your first and last line of defense so making sure that they’re aware of the risks and how to protect themselves is key.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

Using multi-factor authentication (MFA) can add an extra layer of security for all of your employees, regardless of where they are located. With MFA, users have to enter more than just a username and password—usually, a one-time code sent to a separate device—to gain access.

  A hacker can access login information for just a few dollars on the dark web, which means just using a password isn’t safe anymore. But even if a cybercriminal were to enter your password and think they were in the clear, they’d be met with a screen that says “Enter your one-time code” and you’d be notified of every login attempt.

3. Cloud Security Solutions

The cloud is essential to every business that has hybrid workers. Without it, your employees waste time and energy trying to access everything they need for day-to-day work. There are various solutions available, like encryption software and identity access management (IAM) tools, that can help keep your cloud environment secure.

4. Password Management Systems

Strong passwords are a critical part of any hybrid workforce solution plan. They help protect user accounts from unauthorized access and make sure all your data is secure. But how can you ensure that all of your employees have strong, unique passwords? A password management system can make this much easier by securely storing and managing all of your business’ passwords in one place.

5. Collaboration Software

Collaboration software is essential for hybrid workplaces. With solutions like Microsoft Teams and Slack, employees can easily access files, collaborate on projects, and chat with colleagues in real-time. The trick is to make sure it’s properly integrated into your existing security measures so all of your data stays safe.

Protect Your Hybrid Workforce with iTology

Instead of feeling like your hybrid workers are a threat to your data security, you can partner with iTology so each of your employees has what they need to stay safe, secure, and productive. With our hybrid workforce solutions, you’ll have a comprehensive plan to keep hackers out and make your employees’ jobs easier.

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