With cybercrime on the rise, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Businesses without secure forms of IT will be at risk of data leaks, phishing attacks, and hefty compliance fines. One of the best forms of managed IT to consider is co-managed IT services—you can have one foot in IT while also focusing on your other important business tasks.

What are Co-managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT Services is using both your in-house staff and a remotely managed service provider (MSP) to handle different aspects of your IT.

Your in-house staff can manage day-to-day operations while your MSP can take care of more complex tasks such as network maintenance, cyber security monitoring, and data backups. By utilizing both in-house staff and a managed service provider, your business can benefit from the expertise of both teams while saving money on IT costs.

Benefits of Using Co-managed IT Services

Co-managed IT services can provide a range of advantages for businesses in Oklahoma. These include:

Increased Efficiency

Co-managed IT services allow you to utilize the expertise of both your in-house staff and an MSP, meaning that more complex tasks can be completed quickly with fewer errors.

Cost Savings

By splitting the IT services between in-house staff and an MSP, businesses can save money on their overall IT costs.

Focus on Core Operations

With co-managed IT services, businesses can focus on their core operations while relying on the expertise of an MSP to manage their IT needs.

Improved Security

Co-managed IT services provide enhanced security because the MSP can help to monitor and protect the network from potential threats.

24/7 Monitoring

With co-managed IT services, businesses can rest assured that their networks will be monitored and managed around the clock. This can help you prevent cyberattacks at all times—even when your in-house team is off the clock.

Specialized IT Consultation

With an MSP managing part of your IT, businesses can benefit from their specialized knowledge and experience. This can help businesses make better decisions regarding their IT needs and how to best achieve them.

Disaster Recovery Planning

MSPs can provide businesses with a disaster recovery plan that outlines how to respond to potential disasters. This can help businesses stay prepared for anything and ensure that their network is always secure—even in the case of an unfortunate cyberattack. Only 21% of businesses have a disaster recovery plan, but the implementation of these plans leads to higher levels of security.

If these benefits sound like the perfect fit for you, considering co-managed IT services to protect your business against potential harm is a good idea.

Is Co-managed IT a Good Fit?

But, what if co-managed IT isn’t a good idea for you? Here’s how you can know if it’s maybe not a good fit.

  • Do you have minimal IT needs? Can they be handled by only one person? If that’s the case, co-managed IT services are probably not a good fit for your business.
  • Is your business extremely complex? Would it be hard to explain the ins and outs of your business to an MSP? If so, co-managed IT might not be a good fit for you. An in-house team might do better at servicing your needs.

Who is Co-managed IT Right For?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to secure your business and protect it from potential threats, co-managed IT is a great choice. Small businesses that need more robust IT services but cannot afford an in-house team should consider this option.

Co-managed IT services are an excellent option for businesses in Oklahoma looking to optimize their IT solutions and better protect their networks. The combination of your in-house staff and an MSP can provide more efficient, cost-effective services while also providing enhanced security for your business.

With co-managed IT services, businesses can focus on their core operations and be confident that their networks are secure from potential threats.

iTology—Your Perfect Fit

Finding the right IT solutions for your business in Oklahoma can be difficult. But, at iTology, we make it easy. We specialize in providing co-managed IT services that are perfect for any business looking to protect its networks and maximize IT budgets.

Contact us today for a free assessment to learn more about our co-managed IT services and how they can help your business succeed. Together, we can make sure that your business is protected against potential threats and take advantage of the latest technological advances.