A complicated part of being a business owner is the balancing act of being profitable while still giving your customers the best possible service. You’ve probably realized that running a business is so much more than offering a product or service that you’re passionate about—it’s about investing the necessary time and resources to make sure that you’re reaching your target market, building your brand, attracting new customers, and keeping existing ones coming back for more.

Outsourced IT is one way to help you on all of those fronts!

It can seem like a scary prospect—after all, it’s not easy to trust your technology needs to an outside company. But if you choose the right IT partner, it can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Here’s how:

1. You’ll have access to specialized skills and expertise.

When you partner with a reputable IT service provider, you get access to their team of experienced, certified IT professionals. This means that you’ll be able to outsource the complex tasks that your in-house team isn’t trained to handle, and you won’t have to hire additional staff or invest in costly training programs.

2. Outsourced IT costs less than individual IT employees.

The time you spend looking for an employee, interviewing them, and training them will cost you money. And what if they don’t work out? That’s even more time, effort, and expense tied up in someone who isn’t fulfilling their role. The true cost of an employee is about 1.25 to 1.4 times their salary. If the average in-house IT support salary is currently $46,000 a year, the true cost would be $57,000.

And depending on the size of your business, it’s likely that one IT person isn’t enough to take care of security, network infrastructure, and all of your technology needs. You might end up outsourcing for specific tools anyway or having to hire multiple IT employees.

The tech industry is extremely competitive. Unless you’re able to pay top-dollar salaries to your employees, it can be hard to find and keep quality IT talent. By outsourcing IT functions instead of hiring in-house staff, you’ll get access to top talent for much less than what it would cost to hire a similar employee in-house.

3. You’ll get access to tools and solutions that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

IT companies invest in the latest technology and can tailor their solutions to your specific business needs. For example, if you’re looking for an online backup solution, a good IT company will be able to recommend the best option based on your data usage patterns, budget, and other factors.

4. You get to shop around for IT companies, rather than picking between the few employees that apply.

There are a lot of outsourced IT companies out there and they all want your business. Instead of going through the trouble of advertising, hiring, training, and managing an in-house IT team, you’ll have access to a variety of companies competing for your business.

That means you can find the one that best fits your budget, company culture, and needs—and get amazing IT support at an affordable price! When you’re making your decision, check out our tips on how to choose the best IT service provider.

So if you’re looking for a way to balance your business needs with your budget, consider outsourcing some of your IT tasks. With the help of an experienced and reputable IT company, you’ll be able to keep your technology running smoothly and efficiently, without breaking the bank. And isn’t that what every business owner wants?

Outsourced IT That Feels Like In-House With iTology

Giving your technology over to a managed service provider doesn’t have to feel like outsourcing. At iTology, we offer top-of-the-line IT support that’s all about you—from customer service to flexible pricing plans, everything is designed to ensure your needs are met.

Whether it’s security concerns, network infrastructure issues, or anything else in between, our team of skilled professionals will be able to help. Schedule a free assessment so we can work together on a tailored plan that fits your business perfectly.