Close to 90% of businesses use the cloud in some way. Whether it be for convenience or to take the load off, what exactly makes the cloud a good pick for growing a business? Missing out on the cloud could very well mean the demise of your business compared to its competitors.  The cloud has slowly become an invaluable tool in taking businesses to the next level, here’s how:

What Is the Cloud and Why Should You Use It?

You’re probably using cloud services in your daily life without even realizing it—whether you are connected to Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. As a virtual space that can connect users from all over the globe, the cloud combines software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer. 

The cloud isn’t just a storage solution, but also a platform that allows for the running of applications, providing services such as email, streaming, and social media. This is why businesses everywhere are looking for a cloud service provider in Oklahoma that they can rely on.

Businesses leverage cloud services to enhance operational efficiency, facilitate remote work, and boost collaboration, thus fostering growth and competitiveness in the global market. If all this sounds appealing to you, it may be time to upgrade to a cloud service provider in Oklahoma.

Propel Your Business With the Cloud

The cloud isn’t a one-trick pony. With a diverse range of services and applications, here’s what you get when you leverage the cloud to propel your business forward:

Maximize Productivity

When employees have a clear directive, they are more productive. With the cloud, employees can access information quickly, reducing time-consuming administrative tasks. This will give them more time to focus on the core activities that drive the business forward.

Create Remote Work Options

The cloud is a great way to enable remote work, giving businesses the freedom to hire personnel from any location. This means you can find top talent without worrying about geography as users can access the data and applications they need in one place—all while maintaining a secure connection.

Facilitate Collaboration

Successful communication in the workplace can be challenging, but with the cloud, it’s easier than ever before. Team members can access and collaborate on documents in real time from anywhere, even if they’re physically apart. This makes the entire process of managing projects much simpler and more efficient, ensuring successful results. Nothing catapults a team in the right direction like smooth cooperation and prioritized teamwork.

Avoid Downtime & Improve Business Continuity

Nothing sends shudders down a CEO’s spine more than downtime. Unplanned downtime is money down the drain. It could involve losing customers’ trust or customers themselves—either being devastating for a firm. Sometimes downtime is caused by an employee mistake or a technical issue.

Whatever the cause—the cloud can help you avoid these issues and ensure better business continuity. With automated backups and secure backup solutions, your data will be safe even if something goes wrong. And if you’re worried about downtime, it may be a good idea to partner with a cloud service provider in Oklahoma to ensure the most safety when it comes to using the cloud.

Automate Tasks

The cloud can also help automate mundane tasks that otherwise would be on your plate. This will free up valuable time for employees to work on more meaningful projects. Automation’s main benefits include its ability to simply track and monitor performance, identify trends, and analyze data quickly and accurately without wasting resources.

iTology: Your Cloud Service Provider in Oklahoma

To get the most out of your cloud services, it’s best to partner with a cloud service provider in Oklahoma like iTology. Our professionals can help you establish the right type of cloud infrastructure, choose the most secure and cost-effective solutions, and ensure that your data is safe.

As a cloud service provider in Oklahoma dedicated to you, we work hard to help you maximize your cloud usage so you can get results now, not later. At iTology, we know backing up data, protecting your systems from cyber threats, and staying compliant can be complex. That’s why we make it our mission to simplify the process.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a cloud solution tailored to your needs.