managed service provider

In today’s evolving technology landscape, modern businesses rely on advanced IT support. However, many businesses aren’t getting the solutions they need with their IT provider. You may even feel like you’re experiencing more IT issues than you were before you hired your current provider. If you feel like your IT company is missing something, take a look at some of the clear signs that you need to switch to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) rather than stick with your current IT support.

These signs are generally indicative of the quality of service your IT company is providing, so it’s critical that you understand where your IT company is going wrong and how an MSP can help:

They Take A Break/Fix Approach

It is very common for IT support teams to take what is known as a break/fix approach. That simply means that rather than being proactive about looking after your cybersecurity and patching system vulnerabilities, they wait for something to go wrong before they fix it. 

If you find that this is the kind of IT support you are receiving, it’s time to look for a new IT partner. Your IT company should be monitoring your systems 24/7 to ensure that any weaknesses in your systems are found and repaired before they lead to serious issues such as extensive downtime or data breaches. A break/fix approach is not enough for modern businesses, as this method simply can’t account for the advanced threats that face your technology.

They Don’t Prioritize Cybersecurity

In order to keep your business’s IT healthy, your priority needs to be cybersecurity. Your IT team should be dedicated to ensuring threats can be accurately detected and combated. If you find that your current IT support provider is not doing this, then it is likely that you are not receiving the kind of support your business really needs. 

If your IT team doesn’t have a clear plan for how to implement comprehensive cybersecurity defenses, your business will be a likely candidate for potential data breaches. With growing threats of ransomware and increased phishing attempts, there’s really no good excuse for putting cybersecurity on the back burner. 

They Don’t Strategize According To Your Business

If your IT support team doesn’t understand your business—its model, strategy, and vision—then it is not going to be able to offer you the best IT protection and solutions for your unique needs. If business growth, infrastructure scalability, and efficiency upgrades aren’t in your current IT provider’s plans, then it’s time to switch to a Managed Service Provider.

It’s critical that businesses partner with an IT service company that aligns with their goals, both current and future, because technology is continually impacting the business landscape. Without a provider who prioritizes technology that adapts, improves, and scales along with business needs, you could be missing out on invaluable opportunities to grow your business.

In short, no business should have to deal with frequent IT issues and downtime, lacking cybersecurity, or general IT solutions that don’t align with business strategy. Rather than wasting your valuable IT dollars on a provider who offers weak support, it may be time to invest in a Managed Service Provider who can help you to achieve better cybersecurity across the board, keep downtime to a minimum, and avoid data breaches wherever possible. Your modern business deserves to invest in a proactive IT management approach so you can succeed in today’s tech world. 

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