2020 was a year like never before. In January, you took your car to work and had your typical 9-5 with coworkers from all over town. In March, things took a turn. You spent your time “working” from your kitchen table. Fast forward three years: we live in a world that no longer demands an in-person working environment and one that recognizes the benefits of working from home.

With all the adaptations that took place in 2020, companies are looking into remote work as a viable option to keep their businesses competitive. Now, teams are made up of the best of the best, no matter where they live. The question now is: how do you keep your company safe without a central location? Is there reliable IT for remote work?

Cybersecurity Challenges of Remote Work

There are significant differences when it comes to cybersecurity within the realm of remote work. Without a central location, companies must rely on their employees to be aware of potential threats and know how to secure their devices from malicious activity more than ever.
Unfortunately, remote workers have been the cause of a data breach in 20% of organizations. This doesn’t have to be a trend. With IT for remote work, you can help fortify your defenses by educating your employees no matter where they are.

How an IT for Remote Work Can Help

When you are starting with a remote team, you may find adapting to this new way of working is a challenge in itself—an IT provider can help. But, what can you expect from IT for remote work?

Thorough Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The first step the right IT provider can help with is cybersecurity awareness training. This type of training helps remote workers understand the risks of working remotely and how they can protect your organization’s data from malicious activity.

This should cover topics such as phishing, password security, and malware protection, to name a few. Staying vigilant is key—cybersecurity awareness training is not a once-and-done, training can and should happen regularly.

Device Management Solutions

Remote work makes device management all the more imperative. An IT provider can help assess the type of devices your employees use and recommend solutions for centralizing data, such as cloud computing. This helps keep data secure and accessible to those who need it.

24/7 Monitoring

One of the biggest problems in today’s cybersecurity is the average company spends about 190 days pinpointing a breach and it can take over 60 days to fix it. Every second wasted can be thousands of dollars washed down the drain. With 24/7 monitoring, an IT provider helps you stay ahead of problems and keep your data secure.

With iTology, Remote Work Is a Breeze

We get it. You want to have remote work options but need security as part of the package. With iTology, you get just that: reliable IT for remote work. We can promise you that you’ll feel the peace of mind you seek while maintaining your competitive edge as a company. Contact us to get started today—we got you covered.