In 1983, the world wide web was born. People everywhere gathered to watch how a device could search for information without your assistance! It was mind-boggling. At the time, no one knew exactly how technology would continue to grow and become such an integral part of day-to-day life, as well as ultimately becoming a lifeblood force for education. 

In today’s world, IT for education is common, yet underutilized. There are so many tools available to us that can both simplify and enhance our teaching, learning, and everyday operations. So what are they?

Why Use Technology in Education?

First, it’s important to see the positive impact of technology on education. Technology has the ability to enhance student learning and understanding, create a better system for teachers, and lead to better communication between teachers and students. 

Some people worry that using technology takes away from a student’s independence, but just the opposite is true. Students who learn in a technology-forward environment learn subject matter faster and with more overall understanding than those without technology.

Technology Tools

While many educational sectors have jumped on the technology train, others yet lag behind—or lack the understanding of which tools to use. There are many options available that can elevate both the learning and security of educational institutions that cannot be overlooked.

Managed IT

IT for education may be the least understood technology tool available, yet it’s critical for the success of a school. Managed IT services can provide peace of mind to both educators and students that their data is secure, protected against outside threats, and monitored 24/7.

These services also allow systems to run more efficiently and often benefit from regular maintenance checks. Because schools require sensitive information, they are often the target of nasty cyberattacks. Without proper protection, sensitive data can be leaked, losing the trust of students and parents.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a suite of services that provide many benefits to educational environments. Teachers can easily create and distribute assignments, track student progress, collaborate on projects, and hold virtual classes through the platform. 

It also includes Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams for collaboration. It also includes SharePoint for document management and Power BI for data analysis.

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) are used to create and manage educational content. Canvas and Google Classroom are two of the most popular options. 

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities want to be more flexible with their class offerings—for many, this includes having remote class options available. Learning management systems allow virtual learning to take place with ease.

Managed Communication Platforms

Communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are essential for educational institutions. These tools provide an easy way to communicate with students and faculty, hold virtual meetings, and create channels for collaboration. This form of managed communication also allows people to stay connected during times when physical attendance is difficult or impossible. 

Plus, with IT for education, all communication is secure and monitored against any external threats.

The Cloud

As an educational institution, investing in the cloud is a no-brainer. The cloud makes for smoother data management. It can also be used to create a learning environment that can be accessed from any device or location. Plus, the cloud provides an additional layer of security for any data stored within.

To sum it up: Investing in IT for education is essential for any institution looking to improve student outcomes and maintain security. With the right technology tools, educators can provide students with a better learning environment and help them reach their goals of success. In the year 2023, those that partner with technology will stand out above the rest.

iTology Can Help

iTology provides holistic IT solutions designed for the education sector. We understand the unique needs and challenges of this field, and we will work with you to develop strategies for success in the classroom. 

With a focus on security, scalability, and collaboration, we offer an array of managed services that can help your school or university maximize efficiency. When it comes down to it, IT really is made for education. Contact us today to learn more!