Lisa, a small business owner, runs a boutique marketing agency. She has recently expanded her client base and hired remote freelancers to handle the increased workload. However, without VoIP technology, Lisa finds herself juggling multiple phone lines, missed calls, and the frustration of unreliable communication. 

  Her business suffers from delayed client responses, miscommunication among team members, and missed opportunities, leaving her overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the demands of her growing business.

  So, how could VoIP change everything? With efficient call routing, seamless communication, and collaboration tools, Lisa gains a streamlined workflow, improved responsiveness, and increased productivity—taking her business to new heights. Maybe you could be using VoIP to elevate your business—just like Lisa. Here are 5 things you might not have known about VoIP.

Price of Calls

Calls made through VoIP can often be significantly cheaper or even free, especially for long-distance and international calls. Oftentimes, you just pay for an internet connection. Many VoIP service providers also offer various pricing plans, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable option based on their call volume and specific needs, potentially resulting in substantial cost savings compared to traditional telephone systems.


Imagine a world without clunky fax machines and long wait times for documents to be sent and received. VoIP technology allows for secure and convenient faxing, eliminating the need for an extra phone line or costly hardware. Say goodbye to fax machine jams and hello to streamlined digital faxing with VoIP.

Software-based Technology

Unlike traditional landline phones, voice services can be provided over the internet and through a computer or mobile device. This software-based technology makes it easy to instantly set up new lines and change plans as needed, allowing businesses to customize their communication systems with ease.  

Features like call forwarding, IVR menus (interactive voice response), customized voicemail messages, and more can give businesses an edge over their competitors.

Uncompressed Sound

You might not know, but VoIP technology offers high-quality sound, unlike traditional landlines which can suffer from poor audio quality due to compression. VoIP utilizes a digital signal for transmission, ensuring crystal clear calls and conversations without any disruptions or static. Businesses that utilize uncompressed sound stand out from competitors because consumers have a better user experience.

Easy to Integrate

Voice services can be easily integrated with other applications and services, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, allowing businesses to conveniently manage their communication needs. This integration allows businesses to focus on what matters most—building relationships with their customers.

Partner With iTology

No matter the size of your business, VoIP technology has something for everyone. With efficient call routing, uncompressed sound, and seamless integration, VoIP can help businesses reach their business goals faster. Plus, with cost-effective pricing plans available, you can get the most out of your communication system without breaking the bank. So if you feel like Lisa and want to get more out of your business, it’s time to check out voice services.

  At iTology, we offer reliable and affordable VoIP services—custom-tailored to your specific needs. We are focused on providing professional and personalized customer service to ensure your business is always running smoothly. Contact us for a free assessment today to get started.